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Logic vs. Emotions September 5, 2006

Posted by nukes in Life.

In the previous post Arick accused me, and is not the first, of thinking “scientifically”, or logically. I now wish to answer by examining the two major forms of thought : logical and emotional.

As most of you know, logic is the process through which one examines each situation, step by step, considers the consequences, and then coldly reasons out which step is the one which will provide the most benefit. This, overall, is the most efficient method to achieve a materialistically prosperous life. Through this method one can achieve everything which make up an “ideal life” in a capitalistic society.

Emotional thought, on the other hand, is dictated by the humans “third sense”, and is almost completely illogical, ranging from intense rage, to an equal intense love. By following this path of thought, one will achieve a life which is constantly changing, full of excitement, and in the words of some obscure source (uncatalogued in my memory) a life full of emotional extremes.

Now, to decide which of the two is better to take, I must say neither. Instead, one must attempt to pursue both. If one takes part in only one, he will experience only half of life. If one goes through both, he can live well, but still have emotions. I mean seriously, life would be incredibly boring if we all read Colin’s etiquette books and followed every word, which is what logic would dictate to maintain a good relation with every one. However, Life would get too drastic if we followed our emotions in everything, in-fact, those who do this, often end up killing themselves, because they don’t reason that life can get better. Therefore I conclude that life is an experience to be enjoyed too the fullest, using logic when times are bad, and emotions when its worth experiencing every moment.

By the way, I agree with Arick about his conclusion on the importance of other people (besides needing them to propagate the species).



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