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Fear September 8, 2006

Posted by nukes in Life.

You know what I fear at this moment in time? Growing up.

I know this is kind of stupid, many of you will now be thinking “Whats up with that?”. Teenagers are supposed to be looking forward to getting out of the house, out into world and adventure. We are supposed to be looking forward to growing up. I would to, but every time I begin to think of how life would be when I get out of college, i skip those intermediary years, and straight to death. Could death be the paramount object of fear? Well, religions have been founded simply to reassure people that death isn’t so bad, so can this be the reason? Can anyone truly face nothingness, absolute nothingness, not a black, empty space, but true nothingness, and an absence of consciousness? I don’t believe anyone can do this without having some major insomnia. When I begin to think about it, I naturally draw a conclusion that death is similar to sleep, therefore developing a natural insomnia. Why am I talking about death? I have no idea. I seem to be obsessed with it of late.



1. marvinx - September 8, 2006

Hey, I have this problem too! I got over it. It helps to imagine the afterlife and just assume it exists.

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