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Marvin X September 16, 2006

Posted by pagani in Uncategorized.

My fellow bloggers and blog readers, our best friend and tie advisee Marvin X is feeling under the weather and is not sure if he will be able to come to the Home Coming dance. However before you call him he had called an expert in the field (me) and has been advised to get plenty of rest, and to have vast ammounts of vitamin c. Therefore I ask all of you to think about him on this trying day and to hope that he will recover in time for the dance.



1. marvinx - September 16, 2006

By the looks of it right now, I’ll be fine. It’s gotten down to just a runny nose (and not very bad) so I should be all right.

2. cameron - September 16, 2006

Afsheen, vitamin c is a hoax! Really it is, some guy who came up with the alpha helix thing said that vitamin c was great for colds, but it has been proven completely untrue. While getting vitamin c can keep your immune system intact, vast quantities of it does absolutely nothing and it certainly does nothing if you are already feeling under the weather. But drinking orange juice is still a great thing to do if you are sick, not because of its vitamin c count, but because it will keep you hydrated, which is what your body needs to filter out whatever is making you sick. Secondly, since vitamin c does nothing, here is a much better method. Use sublingual vitamin B-12! That is what intercollegiate cross-sountry runners use when they are feeling under the weather.

Anyway, sorry Afsheen, but your idea about vitamin c is just way to old and somewhat controversial (some people left over from the 50’s stil think that it does good, but the point is that although it won’t hurt, it won’t help either) to be taken as fact! And, as we all want Calvin to get better, we’d rather him take sublingual viatmin B-12 than vitamin c!

Anyway, I really do hope you feel better Calvin! I will be most disappointed if you can’t make it!

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