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Camping, and HC September 17, 2006

Posted by nukes in Life.

I know that my fellow pedestrian Arick has already closed the topic, but I must have my say. First of all, I have just returned from my camp, a whole day early! Therefore, the moral of the story is, I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A TICKET!!!!!!!!!! So now, I’m here, sitting in-front of the computer, while you guys are having fun dancing. Bah, some people have all the luck. Now that I think about it though, I don’t think you would enjoy having me there, due to the fact that I stink of dirt, dust, sap, sweat, mud, and just about anything else that smells.



1. marvinx - September 17, 2006

Nah, you would have been fine. The flashing lights kinda drown out all your other senses.

2. arick - September 17, 2006

Well, Kelsey snuck in… and there was a major opening that you could have easily snuck in through. You could’ve just asked, and I’m sure we would’ve helped you sneak in to the dance. IT WAS SO FUN!!!

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