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A Perfect Storm September 21, 2006

Posted by nukes in Life.

What is a storm? Well, a storm is a massive cloud build up when rain begins to pour, and lighting flashes across the sky, thunder blaring through your ears. The smell, is exhilarating. It all makes you alive. Sometimes I think that creation probably did occur in something similar to a storm, with massive energies flashing across the universe. But what IS a storm, besides the obvious scientific explanation? I don’t know, but its … incredible.


If I am in a sailboat, and I see a coming storm, i turn, and sail right into it. I run into the elemental forces of this world, and I test myself against it. I put myself, and my boat, against one of the most powerful forces on earth. I go in, and take the wind, and mold it, i use it, i take it by the scruff of the neck, and harness its power, and i fly … it will try to unseat me, it will try to throw me into the water, it will try to kill me even, but I stay. I pit all of my strength, all of my weight against it. I barely keep the boat upright. The sail and mast are skimming the water, with the deck of the boat at a right angle. I am standing on the keel on the bottom of the boat to keep it going, and I am still flying. I am alive! to have such a struggle, and to survive, is incredible. that is the moment when I am truly myself, when I am truly in control of my life. There, I am responsible for myself, and only for myself. There, I can let loose my love, joy, sadness, thoughts, and have them all come together in my scream of primal fury at the storm. Through out the storm, if one listens, one would not only hear the thunder, rain, and wind, but they would hear a crazy laugh, filled with love and sadness, broken by roars and screams of fury, and joy. That is what life is about. To take those moments, and to live them. A storm then, is not a meteorological occurrence, but is that time, when a being can discard all that society has thrust upon him, and to live a moment of complete, perfect, and eternal savagery, without the forced niceties of life, just raw emotions, nothing sophisticated, but everything in utter and perfect chaos.



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