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This Binary Universe – BT September 22, 2006

Posted by marvinx in Music/Movies.

I recently got this album off iTunes. It was certainly worth the $11.95 spent.

There are six songs, the the combined length is more than an hour. The music itself is sort of techno, and very powerful in its own way. It’s hard to describe. Some of the songs mix in mechanical noises and such, which can be strange, but actually works well.

The songs were very much intended, I think, to be played in order. It seems to tell a story, starting off calm, building, then returning to tranquility.

I’m not sure how many other people would like this album, but personally, I think it’s an awesome album. It works very well for passing the time in Health class.



1. arick - September 22, 2006

It is a good album. However, I’m kind of fond of lyrics, which this album definitely lacks.

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