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Facebook: A Nontoxic Alternative to MySpace October 1, 2006

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Recently we have all gotten Facebook accounts. It’s a lot like MySpace: you get friends, write comments, give away a lot of personal information. Truthfully, though, Facebook is much, much better than MySpace. The #1 reason? Security. You can’t actually see anyone’s profile unless they have accepted you as a friend. But beyond that, there are a huge number of reasons why Facebook is better. All the little features really add up.

You can’t change the color scheme of your page. That means no more ugly MySpace crap. You can view wall-to-wall comments, meaning that you can easily read conversations between yourself and someone else which have been split up between your profiles. You can tag peoples’ faces in photos. You can play the “Friend Game,” where you try to identify the friend of yours who has the given favorite book, movie, quote, etc. Everything is just so much more refined than MySpace is.

So I encourage you all to delete your MySpace accounts and switch to Facebook. Or, if you don’t have a MySpace, you can at least send them a nasty e-mail about their poor standards.

Facebook: the nontoxic alternative.



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