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Dreams on Demand (TM) Episode I: Dumbledore-Gandalf-Santa and the Fruit Robot Army November 7, 2006

Posted by marvinx in Dreams.

So before we get to the part where you realize that this post is actually less interesting than the title, let me first state that it came as a great shock when I learned five minutes ago that people actually read this blog. Mostly because even I don’t read this blog. Usually. And I’m probably the one with the most free time here. It is because of that revalation, however, that I’m taking Arick’s suggestion and posting some of my dreams, starting with this really weird one which is well summed-up in the title. On account of the fact that my dreams are way less profound and meaningful than Arick’s (and by that I mean they make no sense whatsoever, no matter what planet you’re from), I’ve chosen a slightly different method of expression. My hope is that with a flamboyant title and a few strange but related images I can distract you from the truth that there is, in fact, no real content here. Without further ado, then, we get to the part relating to the title.

Dumbledore-Gandalf-Santa, in case you couldn't tell.This is a dream I had a few weeks ago. Most of my dreams are better told in person, but this particular one (due to its completely incoherent nature) is probably best understood when you can go back and reread it when you don’t understand. Which will be just about all the time. But it won’t matter, because I’ll bet you spend more time looking at that picture than actually reading the post.

The dream starts off with me and someone else. I don’t remember who it was, but they followed me around for the whole dream and didn’t seem to do anything. For lack of a better name I shall call this person “Jim.” The two of us first fight our way into the robot lair. I don’t recall any sort of introduction to this, but it made loads of sense at the time. The robots were all fruits (specifically, spherical fruits like apples or oranges), and they all had blocky arms and legs and no apparent heads.

Things were going fine until Jim and I jumped into two of these things and tried to escape with them. Jim made it out the secret entrance we’d come in, but I was trapped among the robots. I ran for the main exit, but the doors were closing fast and I wasn’t going to make it. All of a sudden what appeared to be a skinned kiwi robot held the door for me and I escaped with the doors closing perfectly behind me, like an Indiana Jones movie or something.

More things happened then which I don’t quite remember, but somehow I wound up in my 5th grade classroom with Jim and a man named Dumbledore who looked exactly like Gandalf and wore a Santa outfit. He’s pictured above, just in case you’re having trouble imagining that. Anyway, the three of us for some reason had to lift up one of the desks to get to a secret concrete underground bunker. We got inside, and that’s where my memory of this dream cuts off. I think it went on a long time after that, but I don’t remember.

And there you have it. Interpret it how you want.



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