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Stop and THINK!!!!!!!!!!! November 8, 2006

Posted by nukes in Life, Politics.

Has anyone ever wondered as to why the world is ridden of pain, death, and hate? I think I have a possible answer. No one stops to think. For some odd reason, people, men and women alike, tend to have this overriding belief : an eye for an eye. Why is this? Why is it that the people in this world can’t simply stop, wait for their anger to dissipate, and then think rationally? The ability to think is what makes us human. It’s not the ability to love and hate, but to think. So many humans tend to forget that we ahve a brain. They let themselves be carried away by their emotions, often falling into a selfish state where they believe that they are the only wronged party. As an example, the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Why are they fighting? Is it for some scrap of desert? Is it because one of their grandfathers killed the others grandfather? Is it because someone decided that Jews must suffer? Is it because of some other sensless reason? All of these, if the participants simply stopped to think, even for a year, and considered, “Why the hell am I doing this?” I think that the world would end up a much finer place to be.



1. arick - November 8, 2006

Paco, you’re oversimplifying things. And you are right, for sure. But you are oversimplifying things, there are reasons that seem to be right even with thought. Right and wrong a subjective, and no matter how much you may think that something could be avoided if the enactor thought, they did think. How enact a genocide of Jews without thinking? However, stupid it may seem to us, we are not them, and there is a context and a beilef that we may never understand. “Why am I doing this?” They know why. And to them, it’s right.

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