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“Dissecting Postman” December 25, 2006

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Our friend Koshka over at Great IV wrote a great response to Neil Postman’s book Building a Bridge to the Eighteenth Century. Those of you that haven’t read Postman’s book can probably gather its jist through this quote:

“I do not have a computer. The Internet strikes me as a mere distraction. I do not have a voice mail or call-waiting, both of which I regard as uncivil. I have access to a fax machine, but try to control my use of it. Snail mail is quite adequate for urgency that faxes inevitably suggst. My car has cruise control, but I have never used it since I do not find keeping my foot on the gas pedal a problem.”

Postman fights technology through cruise control. Notice he has a car. Read Koshka’s post…



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