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Practical Etiquette December 25, 2006

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A friend prompted me to leaf through my copy of New Manners for New Times by Letitia Baldrige. I found several passages I thought our readers would find highly relevant to their everyday lives:

(We’ll see how many people actually click Read more…)

Coporate Jet Etiquette

  1. “It’s important not only to be on time at the ariport, but to be there well in advance to takeoff. Allow for traffic accidents and fire trucks on your way to the airport. If you are responsible for the pilot missing his previously reserved place in line for takeoff, he will have to wait a long time for the next takeoff slot, and you will win the title of the most unpopular exective in the board room.”
  2. “Carry your own baggage to the plane; don’t give that responsibility to one of the crew members, who may be busy with more important duties before takeoff.”

“Special Training for Workers in Grand Houses”

Housekeeper: “Make an appointement with the head housekeeper of a first-class hotel in your city to come to you on her day off to discuss the possibility of her training your own housekeeper and maids on her time off, for which she will be handsomely compensated by you. ”

Butler: “If you have a full-time butler (which you probably don’t), he generally drives for you, does errands, helps with houseclening, serves your meals and tends bar. Again, arrange with the best hotel or restaurant in town to let you hire the matire dhotel, on one of his days off to train the butler.”



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