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Sports January 9, 2007

Posted by nukes in Life.

All my life, I have been involved in one sport or another. It seems as if my whole first 16 years of life have been dedicated to either soccer, sailing, hiking, or swimming. Of all of these, the most fun, is soccer, the most enjoyable, is hiking, the most exhilarating, is sailing, and the hardest, swimming.

Soccer is a team sport. It is impossible to play a game  without a team, and just as impossible to win without a team you trust. A good soccer team becomes almost telepathically connected aomng the players. It i9s because of this connection that a team wins.

Hiking, is incredible. It is something which a person is able to enjoy by themselves. It is a communion with the soul of the person. To hike is not to simply go and walk. It is to go where no one else exists, and to see the wonders of the world, and to feel connected with them. To go to 14,000 feet, or 4,000 meters, is a religious experience.

Sailing, despite other opinions, is truly the most exhilarating activity in which one can engage. At times, actually most of the time, the wind is calm. You work your hardest to exploit the tinniest whiff of wind you can get, simply to move a few meters per minute. However, despite the lulls, when a storm comes, and the winds get fierce, you fully appreciate the joy of sailing. In the middle of the storm, it is you against the raw forces of nature. You are walking a tightrope, with only your determination keeping you alive. The sheer excitement you get from this struggle is amazing.

Swimming, is the hardest thing I have ever done. While someone who has never swum competitively might think that its a joke, I tell you that it is harder then anything else I have done. To swim, is not to swim against others, you are swimming against yourself. You do not try to swim faster then the other, you try to swim faster then you did last time. You are literally swimming against yourself. The sheer mental force and determination required to do this makes all of the effort needed in the other sport pale in comparison. To be able to swim and improve every time, is to succeed in life.



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