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Love, and other wierd adolescent conclusions March 6, 2007

Posted by nukes in Life.

To love, or not to love. To love one, or to love many. To be loved, or to be seen. To belong, or not to belong. These are question that have been prosecuting me for about a year, ever since I first had a girlfriend. I have finally come to answer most of these. The answer to the first is probably what most would choose: to love. Life would be lonely without love. This would then lead to then next question: to love one or many. I confess, I love almost every person I know. I love the girl who sits next to me in class. I love the kids I swim with, I love the guys I hang out with , I love my teachers, I love my family, I love the guy hates me. I would give my life for anyone I know. I see something worth loving in everyone. Why should I have to prioritize, place one person over everyone else? Why should I do that, when satisfaction comes more from loving everyone? I believe, that later in life, I probably will find someone that will convince me otherwise, but now, in a time when it is near impossible to keep such relation, I decide to love everyone. Now comes the choice of being loved, or being seen. Most people dont love everyone as I do. They notice them. They evaluate them, and they befriend them. It would be irrational for me to expect everyone to love me back, so i choose to simply be noticed, so that I can be called upon to help, without being an obligation to others. As with every other human being, I want to belong. To not belong is to be alone, and we just aren’t, on average, equipped to do that.



1. arick - March 7, 2007

oh, why paco, of course we love you 🙂

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