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A Curse March 29, 2007

Posted by nukes in Life.

I, the entity known as Nukes, hereby curse a variety of adults. I do not curse adults in general, for to do so, would condemn innumerable worthy individuals who have much to share and teach. No, I condemn those adults who would take our childhood from us before we are ready, or need to leave it. I curse those who would wish to rush us into a world of harsh realities, a world of labor, a world of worries, a world without care freeness. I curse those who would have us work for them in the same manner, if not more then they would have from adults. We have so much to learn before we go into the world by ourselves, we just don’t have time to place the work they give us in the highest of priorities. I curse those who are taking control of the lives of my friends. I curse these people for what they have done, and will do to young men and old boys who are hardworking, thoughtful, intelligent, and meant for great things. I curse you who take advantage of their gentle hearts, I curse you who would lock these boys into cubicles, I curse you who would chain the imagination and creativity of our youth.


1. langsattt - March 29, 2007

You have your points there. In addition those who broke the law by robbing, raping and killing should be cursed, too! Have a nice day.

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