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Online Freedom of Speech April 29, 2007

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I’m doing a project for my government class on internet freedom of speech, and ran across this article. Some of you may find it interesting:


In a decision with repercussions for the burgeoning number of Facebook-ing and MySpace-ing teens, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled this week that high school students’ free speech is protected by both the U.S. and Indiana State Constitution, even if the students’ words are expletive-ridden or against school policy.

This is, of course, not at all a guarantee that anything can be posted online. There have been other cases where this sort of thing was ruled as being libel. Also, in this case, the sudent’s comments (while obscene) were not exactly libelous. But still, it is interesting that such comments could be ruled as political expression and be protected under the first amendment, especially coming from a high-school student.

On Prom April 22, 2007

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Marvin X to Nukes:

“I’m going to put this in terms I think you’ll understand. Winter Ball and Homecoming are like Tai Fighters; present, but kind of unimportant. Prom is like the death star.”

Perhaps that’s why so many adopt “black tie” attire for prom.

I like this. April 17, 2007

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Misunderstanding April 16, 2007

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Its interesting how different people are able to interpret words in so many different ways. Let us take, for example, a random phrase,  “Let’s go party”. Now this, depending on what the listener thinks of the individual, can be viewed in so many ways. If you think this guy goes and gets drunk, you think he means to go with a few kegs, and drink. If you think of him as a cuckolding young man, you think he will go and find some girls. If you think he’s an idiot, you think of walking around, dumb jokes, ect. However, what happens if this guy is none of these things and you have turned him down? You’ve just missed the most awesome party in world.