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Italy: We made it (barely) to London May 29, 2007

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Writing a quick note from London-Gatwick. After substantial excitement (including cutting several lines, sweet-talking various airline employees and letting Afsheen argue with gate managers), we’ve reached London. It’s been a rather exciting journey as of yet, but given I’m writing from a “pay per minute” internet access point, I can’t tell the story in its entirety.

Got time for one story (19 minutes and 8 seconds to go on the internet access):

After missing our connecting flight to London, we managed to get on the waitlist for a later flight to London. Although the list was 60 people long, we all managed to get assigned seats; unfortunately, seats distributed evenly throughout the plane. As the plane boarded, it become clear that although moderately full, there would still be several empty seats. The enterprising eye of Paco spotted a bulk-head row, with unlimited footroom. After many smiles and charming hand gestures, Paco claimed the row, allowing Colin and Afsheen to join him. Upon reaching his seat, Afsheen decided it important to cement his relationship with the flight attendant and proceeded to offer “hugs and kisses.” Note, Afsheen was also offering kisses to Paco, who had scored the seats, and Colin, who had simply sat next to him.

Eventually, the seating was rearranged so we could sit together in two “blocks,” one with legroom, the other one without.

Hope everyone is well! Miss you all!

-Colin, Paco, Afsheen, Calvin, Alex, Steven and Giuseppe



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