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Wandering Pedestrians is a true student blog. We’re not receiving compensation (grades, monetary or otherwise) for writing. We’re writing because we like to write, like to communicate.

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1. mike p - August 29, 2006

hey arick, and err, everybody else. nice website.

2. mike p - August 31, 2006

hey, your blog of the clip from braniac was brilliant. that was a very popular science show in britain, and very entertaining.

3. Gabe - November 6, 2006

I’m sure all of you guys were not expecting me to ever take a gander at your website, let alone be competent enough to read, write, etc. But i would just like to say this is such a great web site, and gives me something to do when im bored. I mean really, to me this is not just a mere website, but rather an escape from the stress that school puts on me (yes i am doing my work this year) and the confining elements of this town etc. etc (i know that sounds “gay” or w/e u want to call it, but thats what it is to me). I should probably stop rambling, but i cant! Thats what is so great about blogging! you can go on forever! ha ha well yeah, Great site guys! and for anyone who is reading my post, i would just like to say that you should really start posting in the ‘dreams’ category!!!!!! oh and one last thing, you should all check out a movie titled: Waking Life… its crazy! just ask max about it.

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