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Alright, so after seeing the example set by our dear friend Arick, I believe I’m stuck with doing this little bio. First of all, I am not good at this. Second, I’m about as good as Arick is, and third, well, ther is no third.

I speak two languages fluently, English and Italian, i swim almos 24/7, and I live for adrenaline rushes, happiness, and excitement. I am a very good sailor, and use that skill to sail straight into the storm, where the wind is greatest, and stops as soon as it begins to rain. Thats happend quite a few time. I’ve often found myself literally flying over the water, and suddenly stopping because the wind died. Ok, now that you know opf my love for excitement, and obviously sailing, on to something else.

My friends believe that I will get slapped some day, by a random girl. The basis for this statement is that I speak my mind, without thinking about it, and when I do think about it, I don’t think about the finer social implications. So if someone asks me “Do you think I’m horrible today?” and I think they do look horrible, I tell them so. This may make me seem heartless. I am not heartless. I am feel, and hurt when others hurt. If I see someone crying, or looking desperate, I will always try to find a way to help them. Sometimes, they dont appreciate, but I try.

My friends tell me that I’m a closed in kind of guy, and they are probably right. I dont useally display what I think without others asking first.

Other then all the written above, I think thats it.



1. me - December 27, 2006

you missed to say your favorite color…:p

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