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Pedestrians Guidebook: Being Bald February 18, 2007

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To be bald, is to be cold. IN no offense to those who have clean shaven heads through happenstance, or preference, having a hairless head is cold. I can no longer walk outside without shivering, and I feel quite naked without my hair.


PGB: Swimmers and Formal Dress February 3, 2007

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A swimmer should stay out of formal dress as much as possible, either male or female, as it is difficult to find anything that will accomodate the sheer shoulder mass one developes.

Pedestrians Guidebook September 8, 2006

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Don’t think about the future when you go to sleep.

Some more helpful tips for the wandering pedestrian August 30, 2006

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1. Never sleep, it is a sign of weakness.

2. Never verbally acknowledge others you know*, just nod your head (exception to the rule is if you are talking in code to pass along secret pedestrian information).

3. Burn all campers the are usless, and just clog up the road which pollutes the air next to you.

Pedestrians’ Guidebook: Some Helpful Hints for the Wandering Pedestrian August 24, 2006

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1. Never stop walking – it is a sign of weakness
2. If you see another wandering pedestrian, stay close. Numbers increase chance of survival if attacked
3. glare angrily at taxis*
*( note that it is not advised for you to actually attack taxis because you will lose, and be in considerable pain, side effects may include screaming, writhing, and, in most cases, death.)
4. Be kind enough to slightly move out of people’s way but not enought to show that you are a whimp