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Congrats to my Brother! March 18, 2007

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Some of you may know that my little brother placed first in the regional Math Counts competition. That is itself an impressive accomplishment, but he came home from the state competition with–count ’em–three awards. One was for being a finalist in the championship round (one of 16). One was for second place individual by total points. And one was for being in the first place team (Los Alamos, of course). That means:

My brother is going to the national competition in May, along with the other top placing students (from various schools, but mostly LAMS). They will be the team representing New Mexico. Congratulations Martin!


Top gear Toys March 16, 2007

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Toys for when you have out grown your matchbox cars

Happy Birthday Calvin March 10, 2007

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Now I probably have the day wrong, and your birthday is tomorrow, but by tomorrow I will have forgotten to do this:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Top Gear’s last Video of the season March 7, 2007

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This is their last episode of the season  and my brother wants to watch all of the parts so i am posting them, no complaining bercause he didn’t get to see the last episode. Just tolerate them and/or ignore them and I won’t kill you 🙂

Love, and other wierd adolescent conclusions March 6, 2007

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To love, or not to love. To love one, or to love many. To be loved, or to be seen. To belong, or not to belong. These are question that have been prosecuting me for about a year, ever since I first had a girlfriend. I have finally come to answer most of these. The answer to the first is probably what most would choose: to love. Life would be lonely without love. This would then lead to then next question: to love one or many. I confess, I love almost every person I know. I love the girl who sits next to me in class. I love the kids I swim with, I love the guys I hang out with , I love my teachers, I love my family, I love the guy hates me. I would give my life for anyone I know. I see something worth loving in everyone. Why should I have to prioritize, place one person over everyone else? Why should I do that, when satisfaction comes more from loving everyone? I believe, that later in life, I probably will find someone that will convince me otherwise, but now, in a time when it is near impossible to keep such relation, I decide to love everyone. Now comes the choice of being loved, or being seen. Most people dont love everyone as I do. They notice them. They evaluate them, and they befriend them. It would be irrational for me to expect everyone to love me back, so i choose to simply be noticed, so that I can be called upon to help, without being an obligation to others. As with every other human being, I want to belong. To not belong is to be alone, and we just aren’t, on average, equipped to do that.

A Wierd Movie We made for German Class February 28, 2007

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Well, here is the latest production of Alhora Cinema, and LAHSFS.

Haikus from My Grandma February 27, 2007

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As several of you know, my grandmother is an artist. As well as a writer. As well as a bit of a poet.

A sample of the Haikus that arrived in the mail today:

White grains like sand
snow blowing
in the fierce wind

Swirling snow
wind down my neck
maybe two feet

I carry wood
for Papa Bear
and Larry Gay
hot coals against zero day

I love cars February 27, 2007

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The Lamborghini Mercialago LP640 one of the coolest

Progress February 24, 2007

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This is not at all reminiscent of my work. Not at all.

Top gear News February 23, 2007

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I love what he does to the Motorcycle, mabey we should do it to the riders as well…